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London 2003

Note:  For my photos of London there are no larger versions of the pictures.  These pictures were taken before I got my digital camera and were scanned in.  Maybe someday I will scan in the pictures at a higher resolution, but for now this is it.  If for some reason you would like a higher resolution version of a particular photo, please contact me and maybe something can be arranged.

July 16, 2003 July 17, 2003 July 18, 2003 July 19, 2003 July 20, 2003

July 16, 2003
Buckingham Palace and The Royal Albert Hall

Waiting for changing of the guards (eventually got cancelled)

The flag is up = The Queen is "in"

Buckingham Palace

Victoria Memorial - Outside the Palace

Guests entering the palace - the reason for the cancellation of the guard

The Albert Memorial (Albert was Victoria's Husband)

The Royal Albert Hall (Huge concert hall)


Friendly bird sharing my bench in Regen'ts Park